Hendersonville High School football stadium PA.  Community/Crest system, 3- R.566 speakers powered by 2 Crest LT 1500 amplifiers provide audio to the home side and 1- R2-52 long throw speaker audio to the visitor side.  Crest AM 411 smart mixer.

First United Methodist Church‘s Sanctuary PA system. At mix position is a SoundCraft Spirit 4/2, 32 channel console, 4 Audio-Technica wireless units, 1 Denon PMD-325 CD/MP3 player, 1 PMD 570 digital recorder. In August 2006, a Xilica 480 digital loudspeaker processor replaced a multitude of outdated Eq’s, compressors and delays.

Currey Ingram Academy’s TOA HX-5 mini line-array system.  Custom painted HX-5’s to match the school’s interior wood trim, the HX-5’s were installed in the cafeteria, which doubles as a performance area. The HX-5’s are powered by 2 Crown XTI 2000. Also provided was a SoundCraft Spirit 16, Rane SM82s line driver/mixer, Tascam CDA 500 CD player, and a ProCo custom 24 channel panelized snake.

The UPS store, Hendersonville Tennessee, installed  a Denon DRA397P Tuner/amplifier and a Teac CD1260 CD player installed for background music.

Fairview Elementary School gymnasium, Fairview,TN.  TOA HX-5 mini line-array system mounted horizontally as a center cluster. The HX-5’s are powered by 2 Crown XTI 2000, a Rane MLM 42s was used to input mic,CD,and AV lines.

Nashville Children’s Theatre: 4 JBL VRX-928LA, 1 VRX-915 SUB, flown as a center cluster, 2 JBL AM 4212 for left and right fills.  Speakers powered by 3 Crown IT-4000′s.  Midas Venice 320 at mix position, a 40 x 8 custom snake by ProCo. 2 JBL MRX-512M for on stage monitors. Remote startup via a Furman PS Pro II.